In the case of food price hikes we've brought additional land into use for production, our priority is to provide targeted support to poorer households facing higher food and energy prices so as to facilitate investment in new sources of zero-carbon energy, and promote more efficient food production.

Comodity Trading

Grunschild International through its global network of associated Partners on the world stage has direct access to source-: Global Management, senior advisory Team, Decision-makers and Finance, therefore is able to engage effectively in diverse commodity markets. We conduct our Trade in compliance with international trade standards and pride in our golden rule philosophy. It is our practice to help others succeed. When they win, we win and we can play again. We adopt simple procedures and are flexible in a reasonable fashion to accommodate the interest or challenges of all parties. We trade on the following products:

  • Crude Oil
  • Refined Fuels (Jet A/A1/JP54, D2, D6, EN590, Mazut100)
  • Gas (LPG, LNG)
  • Minerals (Gold, Coal, Iron/Nickel Ore, Copper)