Our Story

Grunschild International is a limited liability company which
began from the Agricultural sector and later enlarged its
scope to include interests in the oil and gas industry with
investments tailored to fit into the midstream and
downstream. Our wide range of knowledge, experience,
and set up in international business has strategically
positioned us as prime management intermediaries being
able to excellently mediate, counsel and broker businesses
to the maximum benefits of our partners and clients.

Our engagements at the international level, with the
resultant worldwide network, grant us strategic access to
diverse commodity markets. This is the bedrock of our giant
strides in commodity trading.

You can watch the video below,
which shows a clear description of how it all started...


with commitment to excellence and the highest standards of business practice and at all times bearing in mind the best interest of mankind.
br We create secure and professional business environments for our partners and clients to excel, with unique dedication from a professional team operating in the modern international environment. We build bridges, thereby linking reliable and proven sellers and buyers, one to another for a long-term and transparent business relationship.
We realize that our partners and clients are the most important assets to our business, our top priority, therefore is to understand their needs and their requirements.

Our Vision

To conduct business competitively with all diligence and wisdom in a manner that is consistent with industry best practices in accordance with the law and under the fear of God, thereby carving out a niche to play greater role in all facets of the oil and gas industry- upstream, midstream to downstream.

Our Mission

To engage actively and purposefully in harnessing the inherent opportunities in the oil and gas industry globally, through operating a company that is well positioned to utilize cutting edge skills to the maximum benefit so as to attain the highest achievable and permissible levels of returns on investment.

About our Name

Our name "Grunschild" is of German root and translated in English simply means "Green sign". Green connotes life- where there is green, there, is life. We encourage everything that supports the wellbeing of mankind and a business environment conducive for our partners and clients. In all our endeavors, like our symbol, we spread our wings wide and far to cover, protect and maintain a friendly environment for the interest of mankind.

Our Core Values

The core values that constitute the attributes we are identified with are:

These mark the standard of our behavior-our guiding principles in all we do. We believe that these standards foster the right thing to be in the right way and at the right time, always and everywhere